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Kotor II [StreamSounds] .wav files impossible to open/play/decompress

Hi there,

I recently began modding The Sith Lords and have had great success with small, easy personal mods. I'm now expanding my horizon and attempting to get to next tier of modding abilities.

I've had great interest in a .wav file ever since I played Kotor II on XBox in 2004. Specifically, it is the ambient audio track looping in the corner of the bar in the Entertainment Promenade on Nar'Shaddaa. It's a boss riff. It is not a music file on the OST or in the StreamMusic folder. Rather, it is a (corrupt?) .wav file within the StreamSounds folder and (I am assuming this actually considering I've listened to every music file to try and find it) I believe it's titled either al_club_beat* (*1 or 2) or possibly al_bar_beat3. However, I cannot open this file to listen and confirm, let alone do anything to mod it.

I have spent the past 6 hours scouring the internet reading everything I can about file extensions, decoders, decompressing, and all the forums threads even remotely close to this issue. I have downloaded and installed all of the programs others have used (Nero, Miles Sound Studio, VLC, etc, etc) to manage the StreamMusic files, yet I still cannot even play the .wav sound effect files. Not a single one. Miles and Nero can't even decompress them.

Has anyone even figured out yet what the deal is with the StreamSounds files? What the heck did Obsidian do to them? I'm running out of ideas here. It seems like they encoded them or compressed them so much they are impossible to open/use/edit. I am desperately hoping to find a way to play any .wav file from the StreamSounds folder at this point.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I'll be posting this on other Kotor/Tsl mod forums.

Thank you.
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