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^^^Oh, that's right. Sora Bulq. Funny how a veteran Jedi Master, albeit a fallen one, with the years of experience to have co-created Vaapad couldn't best a younger and supposedly far inexperienced Asajj Ventress. But according to Dooku's own thoughts on the subject, Bulq was of limited potential anyhow, and saw the new variant of form 7 as 'bridled'.

Not sure if I mentioned it but Windu himself was lethally proficient in dual wield. Using his and Depa Billiba's lightsaber on Haruun Kal.

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@ "Darth Avlectus": Everyone knows you AREWERE GTA:SWcity... it's kind of hard to miss... it's not like you suddenly became a totally different person with the name change.
Fixed. It was a personal turning point.

The two things sort of don't mix, at least not anymore. Didn't put much thought into the name at the time, and it isn't like it was too terribly creative anyway. Funny how the same thing changes over time.

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