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((Sorry for the late reply, been busy.))

"Ok jedi, stop with the whole welcome party garbage, we haven't even decided what we're going to do with the sith yet and you're already acting like shes part of the crew! I say we take a vote right now, I think it's pretty obvious what the outcome should be."

Zarev stopped and slowly turned around to face Corsail. "The sith was in my mind. And I was able to see in hers. The things that she has done disturbed me I won't lie, but I could see the truth within her mind. She is no longer a part of the sith fact at times she has thought of going to the jedi."

Avriela turned and stared at him before nodding. "It's...well it's true. I've been running from them for so long and at times I've honestly thought the jedi might be an option but...I don't think they would take me in."

Avriela turned to look at Corsail. "If you want to vote on keeping me than fine. I won't hold it against any of you if you throw me off. But at least let me take my lightsaber so I'll have a chance."

"I'll be watching you closely, cautiously, and without forgetting your former allegiance. However, I myself have been given a second chance after--"

Avriela turned to look at Per'dra and smiled gratefully. "I thank you for at least giving me a chance."

Zarev turned to look at Light, Traver and Corsail. "Well? What do you all think? Remember, she may have saved my life after building that mental block between my mind and that voice that was screaming in my head. I'm not asking you all to trust her, I'm asking you to give her a chance."
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