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''Are you Mental?!"
Avriela stayed perfectly still as Traver pointed his blaster pistol at her. To be honest, without her lightsaber she knew she couldn't deflect any shots that came her way.

''You may believe this crap, but I certainly don't. Once a Sith, always a Sith, until she joins her friends in hell!''

Zarev put his hand down near his lightsaber but spoke in calming tone. "Listen everyone...we all need to put the weapons away and just think for a moment. She could have killed me when she was in my head but she didn't. She helped save me from that voice in my head. She could have killed me when I was weak but she didn't."

"What in hell is she doing here?",

Zarev turned to look at Varik. "We're deciding to take the sith along with us or not." He then turned to look at the others and his gaze hardened. "My master was killed by sith forces not long ago but I'm willing to give her a chance." He said in the same calming voice. "I'm asking you all...just give her a chance or maybe we can find a way to prove that she's no longer with the sith."

He turned to look at Per'dra with a pleading look in his eyes. "Can you help me out somehow? There has to be someway we can prove that she means what she says."

"I believe her." came Vlalkor's voice from behind them. "In the entire time we've been arguing she could have killed or disabled us all and stolen the ship. I've been trained to identify body language and I agree with the others, I don't see any hostile or threatning movements from her." He turned to look at Traver.

"You on the other don't even know this person and your willing to kill her just because you believe she's sith."
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