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Import head with earrings created in gmax

Hi guys, I have this problem:
I want to replace the head of the character "pmhb01" with that one modified by me.
I followed Trex's tutorial. I extracted the files pmhb01.mdl, pmhb01.mdx, pmhb01.tga with kotor tools.
Converted in.acsii with mdlops and imported into Gmax. Here I've created two earrings as new objects using the Tube
tool under standard primitives; I positioned them, converted to editable mesh and selected and linked to
the parent "heads_g" (the objects in the other heads are linked them).
Finally export, ok.
The last step with taina, accept changes to the skin, but does not accept earrings (I tried all combinations)
The last step with mdlops accept all modify, but the head jumps and is also shifts from the correct axis. and in the
movie of introduction does not appear.

Could you help me?
Sorry for my english

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