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Deos et Mortabilus

Janus felt strong. Stronger than he had felt for years. Even the conversations with his predecessors didn't give him the satisfaction and the feeling of strength he felt now. In his earlier talks with his predecessor he had asked whether a Cusgard is allowed to delve into the rather interesting magical techniques the mortals called the Dark arts.

After all, it was Janus' plight and reason of existence. Learn about mortals and aid them in their struggles. And above all: Let there be peace between them. It felt only logical and natural to Janus that this so-called Dark arts would be a essential piece of his service. How could he understand the mortals and their visions without viewing the darker side of their knowledge? Certainly he would be allowed to learn more about it?

Yet there was a piece of him that didn't feel quite easy with this idea. He wouldn't be the first Cusgard to fall to the seductions of the mortal worlds and it's inhabitants untroubled life, without the pressure of being a divine being who is tasked with the existence of mortal life.

So Janus meditated for a long time and spoke with the man who had been Cusgard before him. They had talked for a long time, and though his predecessor did have some doubts about the Dark arts he allowed Janus to learn them. He did gave a advice: Don't delve too deep in mortal myths and mystiques. The ancient Elves did so, and now they live as cursed beings in the Twisted Realms.

But for Janus, that conversation was long ago. The advice was useless according to him. Now that he had finally found a way to make peace. Maybe even forever...
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