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"I, for one, do not,"

"Finally! It's good to see someone around here besides me has some sense."

After all, she isn't the one who shot at some of us today. Maybe we should disarm more than just her."

"Watch it jedi, remember that you weren't at Coruscant when we started this mission, you're not even officially on this team" He placed his hands on both of his holsters to make sure Light couldn't pull them out using the force.

"Which reminds me, if you aren't an imperial spy, then who are you? You just happened to be on tatooine, you just happened to know everything about our mission?"

He leaned against the wall of the ship as he continued, "Our did you think the small detail of who you are was unimportant? Call me paranoid but it sure looks like the signs of a spy placed on tatooine to earn our trust."

Lets rock and role play!
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