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Originally Posted by GeneralPloKoon View Post
1313 is looking intriguing. After getting a PS3 a little over a month ago I discovered the Uncharted series and feel in love with the gameplay(well everything about Uncharted I love). I mention this because the short tidbits we have gotten look very similar to Uncharted.
I concur. Discovered Uncharted 2 early this year, got 3 as soon as it came out and even went back and played 1. Whatever people say about the duration of the game etc, it is incredibly immersive, the action is seamless and cinematic, the story brilliant and the characters so memorable.

Nice to see LA going down a different route here. Gives me a similar feeling as when I watched Jedi Outcast previews for the first time all those years ago. And nice to see the lack of lightsabers - it's obvious these guys know what they're doing, as they ALSO recognised that SW games of late have been flooded with lightsaber driven combat, which reached it's dull and uninspired peak in TFU2. Too much Jedi can spoil the broth, and I've been waiting for a gritty, more mature and down to earth SW title.

Plus it looks f**kin' gorgeous.

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