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Zarev was about to speak when the situation erupted into complete and utter chaos. He watched in shock as Corsail tried to throttle Varik after Varik kicked him in the shin and then threw his blasters at light who easily caught them.

"Now that is enough, Corsail.",

Zarev walked over to Corsail and knelt down next to him. "Listen Corsail, I like to think that jedi have infinite reserves of patience but your seriously testing my limit. I don't know what your problem is, but it ends now. If you continue with these actions, I will lock you in the cargo hold, is that clear?"

He continued staring at Corsail as he raised his voice. "Everyone, back onboard the ship. We have a mission to complete and each minute we waste puts more space between us and Voleran."

He looked up at Varik. "Get him onboard and don't let him near any weapons. I'm sorry Corsail, but I'm finding it very hard to trust you right now."

"You may want to put your weapon down, unless you want to get shot."

Zarev got back to his feet and looked at him. "Light, Traver, we need to get to Balmorra. Traver, get ahold of yourself and light, please put your weapons down. We all need to remember that we're not enemies."

Zarev turned to look at Avriela. "I would suggest that you simply get onboard and stay near Vlalkor at all times. I'm sorry, but it looks like for the moment you're not going to have your lightsaber and I don't trust Corsail not to try and shoot you."

Avriela nodded and quickly went onboard with Vlalkor right behind her. Zarev turned to Per'dra. "If you could just keep an eye on her I would really appreciate it." He then turned to look at Varik who still had Corsail pinned. "Remember, keep an eye on him."

Zarev shook his head and headed up the ship's ramp. He then turned around and motioned everyone to get onboard.
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