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If you haven't seen the movie I am crossing over to, go to youtube and put in 'babysitter's blues' when you get to the last portion. as I said, picture the Jedi in that position...

The Chop Shop

He didn't believe it. Kavar was sitting there watching his master's car, still attached to the tow truck as it took off with constabulary cars following it shrieking. Meanwhile a Corellian man named Childers was patiently explaining swear words to a five year old in the front seat.

“Shutta is a Huttese word borrowed from Twi-Leki. You do know that Twi-lek's have Lekku, what people call head tails, right?” Bastila nodded. “It means someone that plays with their own Lekku and will not let others touch them. A very bad word in their language.”

“Kay. What does Gotervandreg mean?”

“It is a very angry word in Devaronian, but not really a bad. It means someone who should not be bothering the man's daughter.”

“And Fierfeck?”

He sighed. “You know when you go to the bathroom?”


“And some is liquid, and some is solid, right?” She nodded. “Well that is a Mandalorian word for the solid waste.”

“Poo doo?”

He laughed. “You know a lot of animals that eat grass have more than one stomach, right?” She nodded again. “Well animals like that eat the grass, but if they only had one stomach, most of it would be wasted. So a few minutes after they swallow it, they spit the paste from their stomach back up into their mouths, chew it for a while, then swallow it again. But this time it comes down into their second stomach, and it gets digested again. Now Banthas have five stomachs, so they do this again and again. If a bantha spits, which it does sometimes when it gets mad at someone, it's almost always from their third or fourth stomach, and it's a slimy paste of partially digested plants. It stinks, and it's sticky, and if you collect it, you can feed it to them later. So it's food.”

“Kay. What's frack?”

Childers looked in the rear view mirror. “You have been hanging with some very bad people. It's a Mandalorian word for two people making love. How long have you been storing all of those up? A couple of years?” he asked trying to lighten his own mood.

“'Bout an hour.”

His eyes in the mirror were accusatory. “You kids kiss your mama with that mouth?”

“And choobies?” Bastila was nothing if not focused.

“Well, you know human men and women are different down below, right?”

“Oh, sure. After we take our bath back home my father and his wife like to get into the hot tub. I would go with them in a little floating chair.” She considered, then her eyes widened. “You mean that-”

“Don't say it.” The man's eyes closed. “Having this discussion with you is seriously endangering my calm without thinking about that. No, men have two-”


“Not a word. Those are choobies.” He sighed. “Listen kid, I'm going to need a stiff drink after that talk, so let's just leave it there, all right?”

She shrugged. “Kay.” Then she added, “Not a kid. I'm Bastila.”

Childers gave the elder younglings another scathing look. Kavar asked. “Where are we going?”

“To where I work.” He drove silently for a moment. “My boss is an entrepreneur supplying used parts for air cars and landspeeders. I go out and find vehicles that have been abandoned, and return them to the shop where they are dismantled and the parts are sold to those who need them. We have found a niche that is slightly illegal, but does a valuable service for those who cannot afford new parts.”

Kavar worked the sentence over in his head. “So you're a thief who supplies a chop shop.”

Childers gave him a chiding look in the mirror. “It all depends on your point of view.” He started to descend. “Now when we get there, let me do the talking. I'm supposed to be delivering a car, not some kind of demented school trip. We'll get out of there as fast as we can, and I'll get you guys back to where ever you need to be.”

The air car floated on the street, and he tapped the horn. Ahead of them the doors rolled back and he floated through. There were dozens of vehicles there in various stages of dismembering, and he pulled into an open bay.

“Childers!” A huge man was walking toward them, along with a smaller man with a face that looked like he had just bitten into a sour fruit.

Childers climbed out. “Here's the Megatech 7 you asked for, sir.”

“We expected you earlier. What...” The sour man's voice died as one by one the younglings climbed out. The man's face looked even more sour at that. “I didn't order any kids.”

“Not a kid. I'm Bastila.”

The man glared at her, with about as much affect as anyone else speaking to her.

“Some idiot started a gunfight near where the car was parked. I was hot wiring it when they dived into the passenger compartment taking cover.”

“And you couldn't just leave them there?”

“It wasn't safe.”

“Oh but bringing them to my shop with 2,000 credits worth of hot cars right there to be looked at was?” The man growled and shook his head. “Slade, put them in the office. Once we've set up our distribution for the night, we can... take care of them.”

For some reason, that worried Childers, Kavar sensed. Come to think of it, it disturbed him too. Childers turned to them, then hunkered down to speak to Bastila. “Remember, little one. Most smart primates try to climb when they're in danger.” She just nodded, confused. The large man brushed him aside, and pointed. Kavar led off, and the others followed.

They came to a door, and Slade opened it. It was a small quiet office with a couch chairs caffa table and a desk. Once they were in, Slade closed the door, and they heard it lock.

They looked at the room, at the door, then at each other. “Is it just me, or is the term 'take care of them' worrisome?” Malak asked.

Revan looked at him. “See? The boy learns!”

“We don't have time for your one upping each other.” Marai snapped. “We have to get out of here.”

“The door's locked.” Revan replied with an edge of dangerous calm in her voice. “And all we have for weapons is furniture and magazines!” She pick up one waving it. “Are you afraid of this?”

Malak reached past her, plucking the magazine from her hand. “Like Marai said, we don't have time for this.” He said, looking at the cover. Then he flipped it open, flipping pages until he came to the center. Then he turned it on it's side, opening the folded page in the center for a better view.

“Kavar looked at the walls, standard interior walls, but that only meant plasterboard over a metal framework, and without something to cut it, plasterboard was more than enough to stop an escape. He could try the door, but he didn't have any wire to make into lock picks, and he hadn't mastered manipulating physical locks with the Force. So they'd have to break it down.

Of course that would make the criminals come and 'take care of them' that much sooner...

“What're primates?” Bastila asked.

He wanted to yell at her to shut her up again, but as much as he thought Childers was a bad person because he was a thief; he had to admit that his reasonable attitude had defused the entire slang problem. He considered, and was stumped for a moment. No one he knew used primate as an insult. “A primate is an arboreal animal that usually travels in small groups.” He paused, standing. “In most cases except for the very large ones, they live in trees. When threatened they climb...” He looked up.

“Up where?” Bastila asked, but Kavar was just standing there looking up. One by one, except for Malak, they all looked up. The acoustical tiles that would usually be used as a ceiling were missing. Instead they could look straight up twenty meters to the piping on the roof of the building.

“That's what he meant.” Kavar said. “We can climb up that pipe to the ones up there.” He walked around the room, then pointed up into that forest of metal and plastic. “And there's an access panel over there to the roof itself.” He turned. “Marai, you lead. I'll send them up one at a time, and run the rearguard.”

The girl nodded. She walked to the wall below the 75mm electrical conduit, then made a small Force augmented leap to the top of the two meter wall. Kavar picked up Revan and passed her up, where Marai sent her climbing the pipe as he turned, and handed up Bastila. He turned, and stared at Malak, who was calmly sitting on the couch, engrossed in the magazine. The boy turned a page, and gave the next one the same intense scrutiny.

Kavar snatched him up. “Malak. We. Are. Leaving!” The boy looked up, and Kavar sighed. He snatched the magazine away, rolled it up, and stuffed it inside his own shirt. “Later!”

Up above Revan was moving with a dancer's grace along a 100mm wide girder. Bastila had stopped, and her dragon gave a worried grumble as she looked at the same path to freedom. Marai passed her, then turned, hand out. “Come on, Bastila. Just hold my hand.” The little girl reached out, but gave a gasp as Marai stepped back onto the girder as if it were a sidewalk.

“Don't look down or to the sides. Look at my face, I'll watch your feet.” Marai instructed.

“But who will watch your feet?” Bastila asked.

“Trust in the Force, Bastila.”

She looked down, then brought her eyes back up on Marai's. “Rather trust in a nice wide catwalk; with rails.”

“I'll send a nasty note to the management about not having a catwalk for us, okay?” Bastila snickered at the comment, then followed as Marai led her to safety.

Kavar climbed through the access panel, looking around. Like a lot of the buildings in the industrial centers, it was a hodgepodge of pipes and fixtures, with several small ventilator hoods slowly turning in the evening cool. All right, the senate building was there, and he could just see the spires of the temple, so that mean the transit center was that way...

“Kavar!” Marai whispered in an urgent voice. “We found a fire escape.” She pointed.

“Yeah, good. But we need to go that way.” He pointed in the opposite direction.

“It's not like the designer put in fire escapes on every wall.” She snarled back exasperated. “We'll just have to go around the building.” He shrugged, and they moved around the building.

Once on the pavement, Kavar took the lead, jogging to the corner, then turning to aim back toward where they were going. They had reached the second corner when suddenly something big and horrible roared. They froze. Kavar wasn't sure, but he could swear it was not some monster, but a human as the roar came again, and he was sure he heard, “They took what?”

“Go!” Revan suited action to words, racing down the road headed toward their destination, the others in hot pursuit. Kavar snatched Bastila up, throwing he to land piggy back as he followed. Behind them he could hear the doors grinding open, and vehicle engines.

A lot of vehicle engines.

His mind ran like a computer; this road ran straight as a die, and no one could run faster than a speeder. “Revan, find an open door!” He shouted. The first two, Malak and Revan began stopping, trying doors, and running on with the others running to catch up.

There was a flash of light just as Malak shouted, “Here!”

They ran to the door, shoving their way in as Malak slammed it. Without a word of instruction the elder younglings began piling boxes against it to at least slow their pursuers down.

“Right, now let's get the hell out of here!” Marai said, She turned, and stopped.

“Come on, Marai, lead the way!” Kavar said. The girl merely lifted her arm, and pointed. Kavar turned, and also froze.

They were standing on a stage right behind a percussion set. Beyond that were three huge hulking figures watching them. Beyond that was what looked like a cantina, with a lot of hulking figures looking at them silently.

Kavar recognized them as Besalisks, a race from an ice world that stood almost three meters tall. All of the males, which included the three closer ones, had four arms each. Scattered around in the crowd in what were probably couples on dates were females, some with as many as eight. Then a spotlight snapped on, pinning them on the stage.

Kavar set Bastila down, and moved forward to protect the others. He took the one in what looked like a fire engine red suit for the leader of them, and walked up to him. “We're sorry. Some guys are chasing us, and we really need to get out of here.” The male, with two guitars, one in each set of arms simply looked at him. Then he pointed at the stage beside him mutely. The younglings moved around the percussion set as another Besalisk took the stool behind it. Once they were in front of it, the silent band leader stopped them with another gesture as some younger males came running out, busily stringing two more microphone stands. A small older male came from the back of the cantina just as something hit the door they had come through. The band leader nodded, and the drummer got up, threw a bolt, then took his seat again.

“Who are you?” The new arrival asked.

“We're Jedi younglings.” Marai offered helpfully.

The questioner turned to the audience. “Gentlebeings, we have Bo Did-Li and the Reapers, joined by the Jedi Younglings!” The audience merely watched. Kavar was getting more and more nervous. He knew that Besalisks were usually peaceful, but he didn't know what they had gotten into here.

“Uh, we'll just be on-” The paired guitars came down on either side of him like axe blades.

“You're on the stage. No one leaves the stage less they can sing the blues.” Bo told him in a gravelly voice.

“Sing?” Kavar squeaked. Bo nodded as the announcer cleared the way. Kavar looked around frantically. He almost wished the thugs would burst in and kill them all! Everyone watched, including his associates, and he walked up to the mike stand, adjusting it. The others ended up standing in a clump behind the other one. Through it all, it was silent.

He looked out, and spoke, his voice booming through the speakers. “Hi. ahem. Umm, My name's Kavar.”

There was a musical riff as Bo played the bass guitar in his upper hands.

Kavar looked at him, but beyond the riff, the male did nothing. He looked at the crowd. “I live in the Jedi Temple, that's a place cross town.”

Marai voice echoed as she replied, “They probably figured that out. Huh?”

Again Bo played the riff.

Kavar looked, then motioned toward the other younglings “This is Marai, Malak, Revan and Bastila and we're in trouble.”

“Ain't no doubt! Malak piped

Bo played the riff.

“See me and my Master Nomi Sunrider came back to town.” Kavar went on just talking.

Bo played the riff.

“But then she went and canceled and now I'm stuck watchin' these four.”

At that Bo Did-Li: began singing in a surprisingly melodious baritone. “And it's so hard... And it's sooo hard... Youngling sittin' these guys. He's got the..."

Again Bo played the riff.

Kavar was starting to feel the music, and the crowd was starting to look interested. “We found Atris had run away and we went to pick her up.”

Again Bo played the riff, then a rhythm line to extend it with his second guitar.

“A gravcoil blew in traffic, and my master's car got shot up!”

Bo played the riff.

“And these guys started to shooting. And we all got hijacked. Huh,”

Bo played the riff.

“Then we were crusing down the skyway, In this big, ol' Megatech, And it's so hard!”

Bo Did-Li leaned in. “YEAH! It's so hard... sittin' with these guys. He's got the... Jedi, youngling sittin' blues.

The other male leaned forward, “Jedi Jedi. youngling sittin' blues.” As he did, Bastila began motioning, and Revan lowered the mike.

Kavar came in on time, “I've got the...Youngling sitting blues.”

Bo was really belting out the rhythm line “Well alright! There's swear you were born to lose. Like tonight. And you wish your feet were walkin' in someone else's shoes."

Again Bo played the riff.

Kavar pointed out over the crowd. “Some guys are out to get us. And Atris' is probably dead. We ain't got a credit. And they should be in bed! And you outta luck. Outtaaa luck, watchin' these guys. I've got the....Jedi, youngling sitting blues.”

Again Bo played the riff. As Kavar sang on.

“Youngling sitting blues."

Instead of just the male the others youngling joined in a chorus “Jedi Jedi.”

“Youngling sitting bluuues.” Kavar almost wailed.

Bo turned, and Kavar found himself facing him. “There are nights...” Bo started

Kavar picked it up, “You swear you were born to lose...yeah!”

“Like tonight” Bo offered, then they went on together. “And you wish your feet were walkin' in someone else's shoes.” The crowd was clapping and shouting as the song continued.

Again Bo played the riff. Then began. “Some guy's out to get 'em and the girl's probably dead. They ain't got a credit...”

“AND WE SHOULD BE IN BED!!!” Bastila added

Bo went on, “And you outta luck. Outta luck watchin' these guys.”

Kavar picked it up, “I've got the....Jedi Youngling sitting blues.”

“Jedi, Jedi,”

“Youngling sitting blues.”

“Jedi, Jedi.”

“Youngling sitting blues.” Bo held the rhythm line, then ended it in several smaller bass riffs to silence. The crowd cheered and applauded wildy. Bo bowed to the audience, then motioned. Kavar found himself with Marai on one side, Bastila on the other bowing as the crowd cheered even louder.

“Where are we?” Kavar asked.

“Coco town. You trying for the transit station?” Kavar nodded, and Bo pointed at the door to the cantina. “Out that way, go west through the college campus, it's about eight klicks.” He looked at the door, which had been jumping as someone with more strength than sense was still slamming into it. “We got some new singers auditioning even now. Best get going.”

Kavar led the charge as the kids vacated the stage. There was a loud blam as the door hit the wall. Followed by a soft voice, and the click of a lot of guns being readied. “You're on the stage. No one leaves the stage less they can sing the blues.”

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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