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Originally Posted by LDR View Post
I loved that movie. I would've preferred Jimi Hendrix music, but...

Excellent chapter, as always.
I would have considered it if Hendrix had done anything that didn't need hyped guitars. Besides, I had just watched the video of the song it was patterned on when I started composing the story, and 'Babysitter Blues' just fit better

Originally Posted by .:Lord Revan:. View Post
Lolz so funny and.....i want more
THanks fo the vote. In that portion, even though i was commited to do it, I had to be careful how to tread. When it came to that specific term I could have been exactingly technical, or round about. I chose round about because it was more fun for me. Especially remembering that children of five are the kind that ask those kinds of question and never get them answered

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