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Although the idea certainly seems interesting, I think if it did happen, there would be at least a few people that were involved with the development of K2, who might just HATE the idea of having to back-pedal on choices that were made for The Sith Lords, rather having to go on the history that both the Revan novel and TOR presents. Many things might be unchanged, but at least a few of the things that TSL presented, have been outright ignored by TOR and most likely the Revan novel(which I have to see about reading at some point, so I don't know if the details were left out there).

Plus, I would certainly hope that Obsidian or anyone who would make it, doesn't want to pander to the people who believe that no matter what kind of game it is, it needs to have a multiplayer mode, and should be judged solely on how good the gameplay for that is. I know most RPGs haven't done this, but given that the first idea for a new KOTOR game was one, with the MMO tacked on the front, I wouldn't be surprised if it was there.

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