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Originally Posted by Blix View Post
I always pictured Kotor III being the search for Revan/discovering what happened. I think it would have been a new PC as always with mention of the Exile launching his/her (canon) investigation. Since in K1 'Revan' was still a big deal even when he wasn't himself, then in K2 he was a big deal because Jedi and Sith were missing/dead and Kreia had speculations/clues as to where he could be so naturally by K3 the Republic is informed on what the Exile learned during TSL and sends a Jedi from the newly re-formed council to investigate using clues left behind with T3 and the Navicomputer. Obviously though because of TOR we wouldn't find Revan, we'd run into certain 'obstacles' preventing us from getting to him but we would eventually learn where and how a couple of hundred years later.
The only problem with that potential KotOR III plot is that
T3 went with the Exile in the Ebon Hawk to find Revan, after TSL, in the Unknown Regions.

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