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TOR ate my KotOR
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Can’t say I agree or disagree since I have not seen many/any reported post coming from Holowan Labs. Just checked… since July 2 only 1 reported post.

Moderators cannot read every post. I will admit I hardly ever go into Holowan Labs since I know little to nothing about the technical side of the games, but if you report a post, I get a email and I do check the post then and if it is something involving modification of the game, then I will chat with someone that knows more about that then I do. However, I don’t need help it is just a trolling post. So if you see a post that you consider violating the rules then please report it. Not sure the moderator will tar and feather the culprit, but we will look at the post and determine if it violates the rules and if so take appropriate action.

So if you have a problem with a post that violates forum rules, then please share that with staff by reporting the post.


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