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((Okay everyone, off to Balmorra! ))

"Oh let me guess, the sith spirit made him do that too. Not that it matters, as far as you're concerned Zarev, Varik could cripple one of our crew members for life and get away with it, oh thats right, he already has, I seem to recall a twi'lek in the medbay right now."

Zarev couldn't help but clench his fingers into a fist. Corsail was one of the most irritating people he had ever met. That and the fact that he seemed to have an almost paranoid attitude towards everyone else.

He watched through narrowed eyes as Corsail stormed up the ramp and headed in the direction of his quarters.

"Just so you know, I kicked him in the shin to disarm him. I feared he was going to shoot at Light and Traver, again.",

Zarev nodded as Varik walked up the ramp. "I wouldn't put it past him to be honest. I honestly don't know where his paranoia and anger come from but I for one plan on keeping an eye on him."


"I'm sorry I disarmed you, but after what just happened, I think we all need to lose our weapons for a while! Seriously, I don't know what's gotten into everyone, except maybe Zarev. If this continues, we'll all be dead before we reach Balmorra, and the Sith won't even be to blame!"

Avriela nodded her head in agreement. "I don't really blame you, If I were in your position I would have taken your weapon as well. And I believe that your correct, At the rate everyone's anger is increasing there may be fire-fights in the corridors soon enough."

Avriela looked over at Per'dra. She couldn't help but think of the image she had seen in Zarev's mind. The one of Per'dra.

"So tell long have you known Zarev? And why do you think he trusts me? I mean, If I was in his position I would trust me.

Zarev turned and watched as Vlalkor and Traver both walked up the loading ramp and it closed behind them. Vlalkor immediatly headed for the cockpit and quickly entered the coordiantes for Balmorra. The Shan gracefully lifted up into the air and immediatly headed for the sky.

Vlalkor activated the intercom "Attention everyone, entering hyperspace!"

The Shan paused for a moment as it's hyperdrive engaged and shot it into hyperspace.
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