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Originally Posted by Jamps View Post
I think you hit the nail on the head. Looking to make a buck on KOTOR again as well as create interest for their struggling MMO. I don't see KOTOR 3 ever happening. They finished the story arc with TOR and the Revan tie-in novel.

That is one thing I wouldn't mind being retconned..

Edit: Speaking of TOR, Bioware just started doing free character transfers between specific servers in order to populate them. For the record, SWG didn't do this until 2009, six years in. Didn't want to double post, but this definitely shows the game is struggling...
That, combined with the fact that it's been selling for as little as $10 for the last couple of months and is about to go F2P indicates that TOR isn't just struggling; it's a gigantic flop.


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