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"I can always throw her out of the airlock."

Per'dra, sitting near Avriela in the medbay, shivered when she heard Traver's joke. Had the former Sith heard it? To ease the tension, the Jedi Knight quipped, "He means me. In case you didn't notice, he's not fond of Jedi. Whether he has a good reason to distrust us remains to be seen..."

Avriela wasn't laughing. With her face flushing hot, Per'dra continued, "I have not known Zarev long, but it seems like we've been acquainted with each other forever! I first met him when I returned from a potential suicide mission" She trailed off. "All right. It's time to tell the truth instead of hiding behind this veil of secrecy. You once served the Sith; maybe you could tell me if you knew any of the people of whom I speak. One of the Jedi Masters, Lenina Karos, went rogue before Voleran did. She was a spy for the Sith. However, what she really wanted to do was take down both Orders, and institute her own galactical rule. You may think this madness, and it is.

"While committing espionage on behalf of the Sith, she had my own Master, the late Yun Xiaolin, tortured and used as a puppet candidate for the Galactic Senate. When he failed to secure the nomination, however, she had him captured and murdered before I could find out where she'd taken him! She used him as bait in order to get to me, because Master Karos knew what I was capable of. I'd been a prisoner on Korriban, and had slain my chief captor, a pure-blooded Sith named Pfon Urazhai. Karos wanted me either dead, or fully obedient to her will. Her will was to rule the galaxy through a combination of puritanical, draconian laws and iron-fisted rule. The Sith were evil in her eyes; thus, they deserved to be exterminated. As for the Jedi? They were too weak to do whatever was necessary to secure "true galactic peace", and so they also had to be exterminated. How I defeated Karos remains a mystery."

Per'dra gave a start. "Check that! The Force helped me, although for what reason, I do not know. I nearly fell to the dark side in that final battle, because my hatred for Master Karos was on the brink of surpassing anything and everything that was good in me. As for Zarev? He was the one who hung a medal of honor around my neck for bravery, not noticing my dreadful scars.

"I'm not a hero. A hero never would have fallen as far as I did, and that's what I'm hoping you'll understand. I'm just someone who survived a living nightmare, waking up at the last possible moment before it consumed me.

"Why do I think Zarev trusts you? He's always believed in redemption..." With a slow smile, Per'dra told Avriela, "No airlocks will be opened on MY watch!"
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