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Originally Posted by Gownaar View Post
Until now, my real-world association with the DOD building interior was the Chrysler building.
I've never thought of any of the buildings in El Marrow as resembling the Chrysler building, although they do all have a kind of Art Deco or Beaux-Arts thing going on.

There are several buildings around the El Marrow horizon in Year 1 that look a lot like the Nebraska state capitol building (towers with golden domes). There are others that seem familiar, but I've never been able to peg names to them. There's just a general feeling of recognition, but I don't know.

I mentally associate El Marrow with New York, even though that freeway ramp is more Los Angeles. Maybe they picked buildings from all over that were built more or less in the same period. If I knew more about architecture (better: if I knew anything at all), it might be fun to try to identify the buildings. As it is, I'm useless.
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