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"He means me. In case you didn't notice, he's not fond of Jedi. Whether he has a good reason to distrust us remains to be seen..."

Avriela shook her head and smiled slightly. "It's alright, I think that he means me. And if he's not fond of jedi then I can only imagine what he thinks about a former sith on this ship. I honestly think that he might be planning some way of killing me."

"All right. It's time to tell the truth instead of hiding behind this veil of secrecy. You once served the Sith; maybe you could tell me if you knew any of the people of whom I speak. One of the Jedi Masters, Lenina Karos, went rogue before Voleran did. She was a spy for the Sith. However, what she really wanted to do was take down both Orders, and institute her own galactical rule. You may think this madness, and it is.

Lenina Karos...That name sounds familiar. "I think I've heard the name before, but it was when I was running from the sith. I may have heard it in a cantina. Like I said, I've been running for quite awhile."

"Check that! The Force helped me, although for what reason, I do not know. I nearly fell to the dark side in that final battle, because my hatred for Master Karos was on the brink of surpassing anything and everything that was good in me. As for Zarev? He was the one who hung a medal of honor around my neck for bravery, not noticing my dreadful scars.

"I know the feeling of the darkside...or rather I used to before I ran." Avriela said quietly. The feeling of falling...of betraying what you once stood for." She smiled slightly. "I wasn't always a sith you know, In fact, I was taken to the sith academy against my will."

A mental image of the way that Zarev saw Per'dra flashed through her mind. The faint smile remained on her face as she thought back on what she had seen in Zarev's mind as a sudden thought went through her mind. Is it possible Zarev is in love with Per'dra? It would explain some of the things I saw in his mind.

"I'm not a hero. A hero never would have fallen as far as I did, and that's what I'm hoping you'll understand. I'm just someone who survived a living nightmare, waking up at the last possible moment before it consumed me.

The former sith thought for a moment. "I...I'll think on your words." She said quietly.

"Why do I think Zarev trusts you? He's always believed in redemption..."
Avriela smiled brightly for a moment. "I hope that other jedi believe the same way you and Zarev do. I've never told anyone else this, and I hope you and I can keep it between us but at times, I've honestly thought of going to the Jedi."

Avriela laughed nervously. "I'm not lying, I'm scared that eventually I'm going to run out of luck or make a mistake one day and someone will end up killing me." She looked up at Per'dra. "Do you think...the jedi would give me a chance if I surrendered myself? Or would they just kill me?"
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