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"The Jedi Order makes a special point never to kill prisoners who surrender," Per'dra replied. "That is one of the critical differences between us and the Sith: we believe in redemption and making amends, while the Sith slaughter those who fail them, deeming them little more than disposable waste. As I am only a Knight, I would have to consult with my new Master about your joining the Order. The final decision rests not in my hands, but with the Jedi Council on Tython. However, if you prove yourself in this mission to track down and apprehend Master Voleran, that will certainly be a great point in your favor! I, for one, would welcome you into our ranks, and so would Zarev." All of a sudden, she blinked. Hard. "You were taken to the Sith Academy by force? What happened?"
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