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"You were taken to the Sith Academy by force? What happened?"

Avriela stood completley still for a moment as the door to the medbay opened. She turned to look at Varik and than turned back to Per'dra and smiled. No one had ever asked about her past before. She didn't mind sharing stories of her time before the sith, it was her time that she had been with the sith that she prefered to keep quiet about.

"It started many years ago, As you may or may not know, if a force sensative child is found in the sith empire, they are taken from their parents who give them up willingly or are taken by force."

She smiled sadly. "I was one of those who was taken by force. I don't remember much of my parents but one of the sith instructors once told me that they tried to smuggle me out of sith space to the jedi order. The ship carrying my parents and I was caught close to the border. My parents were executed and I was taken to the academy. Or so I was told."

Her eyes took on a slightly haunted look. "My time with the sith was horrible. I tried to escape several times but I was always brought back and tortured for a few days."

She turned to look at Varik. "Eventually, I was taken by a master but I just didn't have the heart of a sith. My master...well she tolerated my actions but my fellow students did not. When my master died...They all turned on me and I was forced to flee."

She turned to look at Per'dra and than back at Varik. "If you would like to hear more than I would be happy to share but I should warn you, the rest of the story isn't pleasant."
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