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I guess if/when I've put someone down, it's because I don't want TC mods, I want quality put into something useful to me. Why should I be invested in someone's poorly fleshed out story/idea when they have nothing to show for it yet? And pretty much everything they end doing could be released as a seperate, cool mod that can appeal to a wider audience. Instead of putting individuals down for their ambition though, I try not to comment instead.

Idk, this is me being candid about how I feel about new, overly ambitious young'ns. I figure if we realize why all of this pessimism is surrounding these projects, we can better understand how to solve the problem - not just (no offence, SithSpecter, you know I love you) tell us to not hurt their feelings.

To sum up my feelings, I believe the answer lies in how it is all said. Don't encourage them, don't discourage them, but persuade them to start out smaller.

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