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Lightbulb A New Mod Project

Hello Holowan

I have been brainstorming ideas for TSL expansion mods, and I think I have enough of an idea to start open recruitment.

We will need level implementation and design, some body modelling, and scripting cutscenes (thats where I think I can help the most) -- also voice acting is something that at this time I can commit to doing for any previous projects I was involved in, since I remember saying I couldn't do that but now I have a microphone and all is good.

I can skin new body models and play with scripts, I cannot model but I'm willing to attempt to learn how to implement custom models, but the modeling scares me so that may take some significant coaxing. Those of you who have played my SUPER content mod have born witness to my scripting abilities and voice acting.

But yeah, to anyone who is interested in Nihilus clone assassins, Nihilus vs. Sion, expansions for Telos and Korriban, and possibly new small planets for merchants and pazaak as well as new armors and robes, if you are interested in participating in the creation of a TSL expansion mod and think you can be of help, Let me know!

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