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Graphics problem (in game) Help please!

First I'd like to apologize if this is the wrong forum for posting this and/or if it's been covered before. I'm running the game in a Windows 7 (64 bit) Home Premium laptop with a Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family display adapter. I know there have been lots of problems as far as game compatibility with the newer OS's and graphics card. Mine seems to run fine until a certain parts in the game (The Undercity - Taris, Dantooine, ect). There I find this game graphical problem or something, I can't really describe it. Though it is annoying to deal with, I wouldn't care as long as the game ran at the pace it should, but it not only slows my character down but prevent him from walking in certain places (which he should be able to) but sometimes I'll go on to another area linked to that one (so for example: Undercity > Sewers or Undercity > Lower City) and it will occasionally crash. Now I think I've read somewhere in the forums about this being a graphics card issue. I checked my driver and it's fully updated and up to date. I'm also running the launcher and .exe in compatability mode to service park 3. So is there anything I'm doing wrong? Or something I could do? Please be specific as I'm not really that good with computers. Here is a picture of what the error looks like. (On Dantooine it gets worst)

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