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Originally Posted by Shaggoth View Post
nice work!
how'bout put this one as npc to sith base? with her awesome red doublesaber and what'not so that way we'll have a fight with 2 siths there.
Sorry but I'm not willing to do this many things with DarthParametric's mod as even though I'm not claiming any credit for it, he was the original author, and the only reason why I converted it to a PC head is because I've seen people request for one of the Darth Talon mods to be reworked so that you can select it from the start screen.

Don't be willing to do anything with anybody's mod unless you have gained their permission to do do.


If you really wanted to do this, open up KOTOR tool, go to Rims > Modules > tar_m09aa_s.rim > Blueprint, Character and then change one of the UTC's to the Darth Talon mod that I just converted.

If you're talking about adding a npc to the top floor of the Taris base (where you get the launch codes) you will need to make a script that fires the original script and your custom script to spawn ''Darth Talon'' and then rename that script to something such as 'k_ptar_09ab_en.ncs (the script will need to be compiled if you want to put it in the override folder)

EDIT: for the top floor (with the Sith governor and launch codes) the module you're looking for is tar_m09ab_s.rim

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