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"Life is rarely pleasant. Continue, please."

"It was shortly after my latest escape attempt that the instuctors at the academy decided that it time for me to take a life."

Avriela's eyes took on a haunted look. "It was a jedi...they had tortured him for weeks, subjected him to horrors that I can't describe, drugged him and subjected him to hallucinations that caused his mind to snap. They threw me in a locked room with the jedi. They threw him a lightsaber and then they threw me one."

"The jedi may have been driven mad but he was still a very cunning opponet. At times I thought that I was going to die but in the end, I managed to kill him." She turned to look at Per'dra and Varik. "I'm sorry that I had to take the life of one of your fellow jedi, but from what I could tell there wasn't much of him left."

"It was after the fight that I found that the real reason they had thrown me in with the jedi: My master had been killed earlier and the news had reached the academy. I assumed that they were going to keep pitting me against opponets until I died."

Avriela smiled darkly. "My fellow students decided that I was a disease among the sith for my tendancy to show mercy to my enemies. But my actions had made me a friend: A smuggler by the name of Virez. He had once been detained for trying to steal sith artifacts and the sith had decided to leave his fate in my hands."

A single tear appeared in Avriela's eye but she wiped it away. "Virez thought he was going to die that day but I let him live. To be honest, I underestimated him: Virez managed to break out of the cell later that week and he helped me escape from the room. Together, we managed to get to his ship and escaped Korriban."

"I should have known that the sith that would have came after us after we went our seperate ways but I didn't. I later found out that Virez was killed by a bounty hunter on Tatooine shortly after our escape and it was after that that I found that the sith were tracking me and were going to kill me as soon as they caught up with me."

"I was forced to run for nearly two years and I was forced to kill at least seven sith who managed to track me over the years. In fact, thats how I ended up on Tatooine. My ship was shot down and I fled into the desert. My opponet tracked me into the desert and fought me but I managed to kill him. And thats when you found me nearly buried in the sand."

Avriela shrugged. "Thats my story."
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