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If you're saying that Wii players don't know RPG then you're wrong. In fact, Nintendo fans tend to value RPG elements over action much more from my experience.

Add to that the fact that Microsoft has publishing rights to ME1 which is why you'll never see it outside of Windows and Xbox makes this whole thing even worse and entirely pointless considering the game is centered around the entire long three game journey to the (crappy) ending.

I am interested to see how it does on Wii U, but it at this stage the random ports of games seems so half-hearted or less because there's no effort or sign of those developers trying to bring the other games on the series to Nintendo fans. If Capcom can do it with all of the important Resident Evil games for the GameCube when they released Resident Evil 0, REmake and Resident Evil 4, then surely the developers who are finally landing on Wii U can do the same. |

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