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Originally Posted by thejman217 View Post
You have the option to redeem Malak in KotOR 1 after the Star Forge showdown battle.

Also yeah, I guess Malak is a better general and is bettter at waging war.

But, in a one on one fight, I would put my money on Sion, due to the fact that he can rise from the dead infinite times and Malak wouldn't even bother trying to erode his will at all.

Sion would eventually kill him.

there is an dialogue options there but he will refuse in the end. Revan, as much as I am a fan boy, can't persuaded everyone to join the light side of the force again like he did. If he did, he would become closer to a Mary Sue.

Revan is known for his high intelligence, strong willpower and strong charisma.

Howbeit they are on the high end but they are not on the insane end.

One of the reasons Sion is a slave to his power, JCarter. it is that he is a slave to his own hatred and his own hatred fuels his dark sided healing.


Nihilus: Nihilism

Kreia: Bitterness, Betrayal, Death wish, cynicism, hopelessness

Jedi Exile if played as a Dedicated LS Jedi, is Hope, Hope tempered by wisdom.

Hope and Wisdom defeats Hatred, Nihilism, Bitterness, pains of Betrayal, bitterness, death wish, cynicism and hopelessness.
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