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KotOR II patch 1.0c & TSLRCM?

Okay, so I have a small dilemma:

I just arrived at Telos and entered the cantina to attempt the swoop racing minigame. Unfortunately, I'm getting that stupid bug that makes the swoop bike levitate to the ceiling when the race starts, making it virtually impossible to succeed at gaining first place. I did some searching around and, apparently, it's because I'm using an old no-CD cracked EXE to play.

I'm not going to argue about legality with this: I purchased the new KotOR I and II bundle that was just released like a month ago. Great compilation, but they decided to be asshats about it by including new EXE's, embedded with a stronger variant of SecuROM, that manage to prevent widescreen mods such as UniWS from working. Believe me when I say that I explored every avenue that I could find to try to reconcile these new EXE's with said mod. Finally, I said, "**** it, I'm not putting up with this DRM bull**** from these companies, especially when the games are almost ten years old." I got the 2.1 fixed EXE from GameCopyWorld so that I could have my bloody widescreen gameplay and who would have guessed that the new Windows 7 stability benefits of both still work even when the cracked EXE's aren't the current versions (the included versions for KotOR I and II in the bundle are, respectively, and 2.2)? Unfortunately, considering the age of the cracks, they retain some bugs like the one mentioned above. Finding no individual mod on KotORfiles that fixes this, I soon stumbled upon unofficial patch 1.0c, which apparently does fix it.

My only concern: does said unofficial patch work with TSLRCM v1.8?

If it does not, no big deal, I'll probably have to find another way, but I guess you can consider this a request for such a mod that will fix this bug via Override folder script or something.

By the way, if any of you are wondering why I'm not asking this question on Deadly Stream, it's because that site won't send me my damn validation e-mail. Probably has problems with Gmail or something and no, I do not want to create a whole new address on another service just so that it will.

I appreciate it.

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