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Originally Posted by Darth InSidious View Post
There are a lot more rooms than we realised, some much further up, but I can't see how the player would get to them.
The other areas are the places beyond the sealed door:

and a walkway directly behind the TSF brig, which connects two dead ends:

I've made a teleporting tool that makes getting around a lot easier, but I've been a bit lazy regarding its release.

I'd love for these areas to be restored, but most of them aren't connected to anything. Some overlap, as well; for example, the walkway is directly above part of the Republic woman's level. Because of the way the engine is, you'd have to sacrifice one for the other. If it were me - and I were capable of modeling with 3ds, which I'm not - I would forget about the Republic woman's level and I'd add a back door to the TSF, connecting it to the walkway. Then I'd add another walkway connecting this area to the nightclub-looking one with the steam down below. Perhaps the area beyond the sealed door could be some freight elevator leading to the cargo area underneath via teleporting. Either one of the alcoves here would make good area transitions too, and with a little work so could the dead stop by the benches.

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