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Ugh. I have to say that, from a story perspective, The Old Republic is kind of a disaster. Surik looks entirely too... what's the word... sophisticated. From her clothing, to her hair, to her... general appearance, she just comes across to me as a slightly trimmed down version of Atris, which really doesn't suit her. Neither does her voice, which sounds aged and somewhat more monotone than it should be. I know she's a seasoned veteran of at least one war, wandered the galaxy for a decade, and that she would have to be somewhere within her thirties or early forties, but nonetheless, I always envisioned her as being... I dunno... altogether more youthful, in voice and appearance. Someone who aged extremely well, contrasting with how most people see Kreia.

^ She looks great to me here. Perfect, even.
I suppose it's strange to be speaking as if a canonical rendition of a character is wrong in some way and could be made right when that character first appeared to us completely customisable, from appearance to personality (I'm sure there are some who envision the Exile quite differently than I do). I don't mind at all that she was canonised, but I do think that they ruined her a little bit in the process.

Sorry; didn't mean to derail this. I suppose I was taken aback since this is the first I'd seen of the new Exile as portrayed in ToR.

Speaking on VarsityPuppet's head, it looks good, though it doesn't seem superior to, or really distinct enough from, the adapted PFHC05d1. Which is not to say that it's a bad job by any means (in fact, I'd encourage continuation of it, if only because you're discovering ways to make the danglymeshes work, which could have positive implications on future mods), but in a way, I think the latter just fits better--even though all it required was a hair colour change--mostly because of the face, which, not even gonna lie, looks entirely more attractive and is probably the closest thing we'll get to the picture I linked above.
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