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More vid cards doesn't hurt. Though it only helps to a point. You want better performance, get more/better RAM.

So far as a processor for your mobo: If you're a programmer needing hyperthreading in order to run multiple instances of the same game, then yeahou'd need a better one. Most people aren't programmers.

I'm not one to tell peeps they shouldn't buy a bigger CPU chip if they're so possessed to get one (because the gullible ones with lots of $ to spend fund the industry). But to be honest most people don't *really* need a better CPU. It's mostly needless additional spending because they will never use that additional power.

Rarely do I hear compelling cases. And unless you're trained to look for the differences, most people can't tell the difference between 720 and 1080 resolutions. The only halfway compelling argument I've heard is that no other options for a performance laptop had the same modifiable RAM setup. Didn't argue the point though. He had the extra $$$ to spend, which is good for the industry so improvements can be made.

Q is probably a little more likely to poke and prod at people for such folly than I.

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