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Originally Posted by thejman217 View Post
"He brings you truth, and you condemn it?" (Kreia, TSL)


Please open your eyes.

I, myself, have done this. This isn't a mod.

I wanted to share this with everyone, although it's not really my speed (but I LOVE the other ending included with this mod). This MOD's a little strange. It is only for Female, DS players. Strange because saving Malak would be something that a light sided player would do, but you can't trigger it unless you're dark sided. Anyway, this is part of Kristy Kistic's "2 Altered Endings" mod. You can find it here:
It's neat to see what happens, but I'll admit that I laugh HARD at Malak, and the way he stands all stiff at the celebration at the end. Also, strange, is that since he apparently takes Zalbaar's place at the end, Zalbaar ends up M.I.A. (even though I don't kill him when I go DS). This MOD, basically turns a dark sided play thru into a light sided one. 's description has the above

so it is a mod. and you have a modded game.
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