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File size plummeted? Is that OK? v1b?

Hello there people. I hope you guys get this message considering this is about one year on lol!

I've been searching around for a widescreen fix for SWKOTOR II and I came across this thread, but unfortunately the link for the patcher was dead. But that's not a problem as I downloaded it from another source

Why I'm actually posting on this is thus: I have noticed that the .exe file of SWKOTOR2 in the folder with the patcher is only 4472KB, but my original file (v1b) is 13480KB. Naturally this concerns me a bit so do you know if this patch was meant for v1b? And if it was then is it ok that I have lost about 9MB from the .exe file?

EDIT: I seem to be encountering a blank screen when I partake in a Swoop Race. Has this happened to anyone else? And does anyone know a fix please?

EDIT 2: I have just found out that there is a mod called The Sith Lords Restored Content. Does anyone know if this mod uses 100% official content? I.e. The layout of rooms is what was intended originally by Obsidian etc? (And other base level details such as that).


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