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Originally Posted by DeathScepter View Post
did you buy an used xbox?


Kristy Kistic is the modder of that ending. And you are a troll or uninformed or have a modded Xbox. Yes you can mod your xbox to accept PC mods.
1) My XBOX (old one, not 360, and it broke) was bought legally and new. Not used. I'm not uninformed.

2) Ok. Good to know I can mod by XBOX, but I can't anymore XD.

3) I am not a troll. I hate them A LOT (internet trolls).

4) As you can see, I am obviously a troll by coming to this thread and voicing my opinion of Sion and Malak. I didn't even know this argument would happen.

5) I don't know when this mod was created, but my old XBOX broke around '06. That would be a six-year-old mod at NEWEST.
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