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Light waited a moment, collecting himself before beginning.

"The short version is usually better so, let's see...
We all battled Varik. We incapacitated him, found out he was possessed by Tulak Hord, and exorcised Hord's spirit. We stood around for a bit, when Varik heard a plea for help through the Force. He, Traver, and I took off to track it down. We found the sith-woman, Avriela. She was covered in sand, so I helped her out with the Force. Varik took her weapon and left, just before everyone else showed up, minus you and Kif obviously. Corsail started acting all crazy, shot at me, Traver, and Avriela. We weren't wounded, but it was completely unnecessary."

Light paused for a minute, not sure how the Havoc squad soldier was taking all of this. He decided to continue up to where everyone split ways on the boarding ramp.

"Everyone started to board, Corsail was all kinds of upset about Avriela coming on the ship. Varik tried to return her lightsaber, Per'dra took it. Everyone minus Corsail and Traver were okay with at least hearing her story, but Corsail flipped again. Traver was freaked out to. I held my lightsaber to the back of Traver's head untill Varik disarmed Corsail and threw his blasters to me. I plucked them from the air and trained them on Corsail and Traver untill Zarev resolved the situation. Then, everyone went up the ramp and to where they wanted to go. I think that's it."

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