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Too late. I made my choice. Huawei Pillar. Cricket Mobile.

Not too bad. No GPS, customizable with whatever I like. Added bonus, it can do internet and it was meant for texting, BUT, I hardly text for one and for the other it cannot browse fast and it's basically using a micro window to every webpage I go to cuz I have to drag it around and look at scrunched text. What's more is the directions/connections of one frame to the next get tedious on top of being slow. So I don't really use internet function at all.

I promise myself that I'll use my credit card to buy something online through my phone just "because I can", but so far I don't have the patience for 65k-esque speeds anymore on top of DSL-esque inconsistent connection coverage.

So obviously I bit the bullet and went with monthly prepaid. It does what I need it to, which is take calls and messages. And I play a snarky jerky boys voicemail greeting as you might expect.

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