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Bridge of the Shan

"Everyone started to board, Corsail was all kinds of upset about Avriela coming on the ship. Varik tried to return her lightsaber, Per'dra took it. Everyone minus Corsail and Traver were okay with at least hearing her story, but Corsail flipped again. Traver was freaked out to. I held my lightsaber to the back of Traver's head untill Varik disarmed Corsail and threw his blasters to me. I plucked them from the air and trained them on Corsail and Traver untill Zarev resolved the situation. Then, everyone went up the ramp and to where they wanted to go. I think that's it."

Vlalkor shook his head in slight disbelief. Corsail seemed to be causing all sorts of problems. Not to mention that in Vlalkor's opinion, he was dangerously paranoid. But Traver...He thought he was a bit more level headed then that. Still, if he had been in Traver's position he might have reacted the same way.

"I think we need to keep an eye on Traver and Corsail...well, mostly Corsail. He's dangerously paranoid about...well everyone from what I've heard."

Vlalkor took a look down at the controls and noticed that they were about halfway to Balmorra already.

Times flys when you least expect it to, he thought as he adjusted a few switches to slightly dim the lights on the bridge. He was getting a bit of a headache and he was hoping it would help.

A small light suddenly flashed for a moment. Vlalkor took a quick look at it and shrugged. It looked like a light in one of the rooms had blown out. Probably a power surge.

"Next time we set down in a safe area we should probably take a look at some of the ship's systems just to be on the safe side."

Avriela took a quick look at Varik and then at Zarev as Per'dra left the room. "I don't mean to pry, but is Corsail always that paranoid? I know that as a former sith I haven't earned the trust that you all share but his reaction seemed to be a bit...excessive to say the least."

Zarev thought for a moment. "I don't know that much about him to be honest. He joined us on Coruscant. What about you Varik? Do you know anything about him?"
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