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Quarterstaff Replacement Pack

Quarterstaff Replacement Pack


1. What is this?
Are you tired of awfull look of quarterstaffs? No? Hey, I know you don’t use them, but a lot of NPCs do, so this mod will replace them with better looking models.

I’ve also made some interesting changes to these weapons:
- Handmaiden’s staff is now double-bladed sword with retractable blades (huge thanks to SithSpecter for allowing me to use his awesome Yinchorr Dueling Sword model) and deals a bit more damage (not too much, just enough for you to keep this blade until you train her as Jedi)
- Guidon Beacon, which was restored in TSLRCM will have unique model.
- My favorite, Geonosian Electrostaff. It now looks more like staffs which Magnaguards used in episode 3 (electrical field will turn on and off, and it also have custom sounds)

2. Why should I install it?
To make your game look better, of course!

3. How to install?
Just run TSL Patcher, it will do everything for you.

4. Compatibility.
Compatible with TSLRCM.
Not compatible with other mods which alter ingame quarterstaff models.

5. Credits.
SithSpecter - for allowing me to use his awesome Yinchorr Dueling Sword model.
RevanDark and AshuraDX – I used some texture parts from their JA mods.

Conditions of Use:
You are free to use this models as you like as long as you give proper credit to me, except for the Handmaiden’s staff model. For that one, ask permission from Sithspecter.

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