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((The next post will have us arriving on Balmorra. I suggest that everyone be ready. ))

"The reason I walked in here was because I have an apology to make, and of course, a story to boot. Once Per'dra's finished with Corsail, of course. I shiver at the thought. She seems very...vicious.",

Zarev smiled slightly. "She can be a very dangerous woman at times. She was able to escape Korriban and that makes her a very capable person in my eyes."

Zarev then turned to look at Avriela and than back at Varik. "Speaking of Corsail...I need to know that I have your support in locking him in the cargo hold if he gets too far out of line. I refuse to kill him but he may need to be incapacitated if he tries to kill anyone else."

Avriela nodded and shrugged. "It's not like he can hate me anymore then he already does and I don't want him killing anyone. You have my word that I'll help you in the need arises."


"Yeah, looks like a minor power problem. For now, you'd be safe just cutting the power to that socket. I'm not familiar with this model but there should be a switch over there.. Wouldn't it be more efficient to have an additional systems controller on the bridge? I'm surprised you guys didn't assign someone else here with you."

Vlalkor raised his eyebrows slightly. He was suprised that someone other than him knew how to operate the ship. He quickly cut power to the socket and grinned."

"I thought that as well, but from what I heard, there wasn't time to find anyone else to fly the ship when the situation came up. And I was the only member that Havoc squad could spare that had flight experience. You seem to know quite abit about the ship, I'd be happy to have you as a co-pilot up here."
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