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Question Setting up my own dedicated server

Hey guys,

I came here hoping to find some answer to this complication. I have some people to make a machinima with but I'm trying to host my own server.

I'll try to be as brief and specific as possible.

I have Windows 7 (all these admin pop ups are highly irritating) and I have the actual game (not through steam or anything like that)

I have the patch. I have JA plus. That leads me to my first questions. If I use JA plus while I'm hosting a game, does that mean all my clients have to enter with JA plus too?

Now, I have the server.cfg file in the gamedata of the JA plus mod (I had it before in the original gamedata but I read somewhere that if you're using a mod it should be in the mod's gamedata, correct?)
The jampded.exe is in the base of the JA Plus mod.

Now, when I click on the jampded.exe, nothing happens.
It shows up with: 0 files in pk3 files. Couldn't load mpdefault.cfg

So what do I need to do now? I tried again to create a game and put dedicated server set on Internet. Nothing happens. Always stops at something about sending a heartbeat to raven blah blah blah. Like it just doesn't go through.

Also, does "seta sv_cheats 1" in the server.cfg file mean it allows you to do cheats like noclip? It would be preferable for me to have noclip on to record scenes. And what if you want to spawn skins and monsters?

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