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......your support in locking him in the cargo hold if he gets too far out of line. I refuse to kill him but he may need to be incapacitated if he tries to kill anyone else."

Corsail heard part of their conversation as he walked around the corridor of the ship, he figured they were talking about him. "Zarev, you do know that theres probably going to be another ambush on balmorra right? This time even bigger then the one on tatooine."

He paused, turning his head toward Avriela, "Because of certain setbacks, whoever is helping the rouge jedi has had plenty of time to prepare for us. So if you don't mind me making a suggestion, I say we land away from the spaceport avoiding any traps they could have set for us. Since we decided to take the speeder bikes that we found on tatooine with us, travel should be pretty fast."

He leaned against the ships wall and crossed his arms. "What do you think?"

Lets rock and role play!
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