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It is not possible to make new head + body characters from scratch, as was requested - at least I'm not aware of anyone who's done it.
My mandalorian mod is doing exactly this - completely new full models, made from scratch (well, model geometry was ported from JA mod, but technically it's the same thing as scratch-modelled one).
The only limitation is that you still need to use one of the existing models, but only to get skeleton to which you will rig your model.
The impossible thing here is a completely new animations (that's why you need to rig model to already existing skeleton). But even if it's possible it's just not worth the time you'll spend on this.
I also don't believe it's possible to make a new face from scratch, even on a full body model - but I'm not sure about that one... as I said it would be extremely difficult at best.
For full models it's possible; difficulty is to properly weight it, and NWMax limitations have nothing to do with, it's just a matter of skill.
Separate heads have same problem plus MDLOps limitations (you'll need to hexedit the compiled model to make it work right; also there are problems with danglymeshes, but iirc VarsityPuppet found a way to make them work).

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