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While I'm waiting for my Windows Support Drivers to download on my Mac, I figured I'd address these issues here for once and for all, so we can have a clear answer.

Originally Posted by bunjeeman View Post

Can new feats be created (not passive. Those are hardcoded)?
Not feats like "Critical strike" or "Power Attack", or any feats that allow you to use different scores in combat (Melee Finesse, for instance, wouldn't work).

You can, however, create feats that work exactly like Force Powers (Wookiee Rage) and any feats that give the player one time bonuses (Gear Head).

And this is all done through editing the main K_ai_master script. Just add a few conditionals to check if the character has the feat, and then add the bonus. Might have to include some globals too, because otherwise you're going to have a perpetually expanding bonus.

To sum it up, possible, but impractical.

Can the Malak and Yoda frames (or whatever tehy are called) be modded to wear different armor and robes?
Yes, you would need to separate their heads from their bodies. I've done it, Bob Ta'ar was working on a mod where he was taking alien heads and putting them on the main armor bodies to make playable alien PCs.

In the case of Malak and Yoda though, their heads would look pretty weird on those particular bodies, so you would have to either create the separate body and fix the bones/weights, or... well, you would still have the bodies, just they would be stuck with the same animations.

Is it possible to create the necessary skins/models for the above question to work?
Theoretically, yes. The trouble comes from weighting the skin, which is hellishly terrible.

Can new areas be created, instead of just re-skinning pre-existing maps/areas?
Yes, but you lose some certain details like the ability to use area lights. You can add lightmaps to the area, but there is no lighting that affects the characters, which makes it look weird at best.

Can pre-existing voices from the game be spliced to form new lines? (see gamerpoop (skyrim/oblivion/mass effect 3) for an example of what I mean (a bit NSFW))
Yeah, just about as well as you could splice any audio file.

Is there a limit to the amount of changes/added material that can be made to either KotOR game?
As much as your computer can hold, I guess.

In the case of KotOR I, would a great deal of added material/items/difficult or multi-stage fights/powers or feats be impractical or a general waste, as there are only 20 levels? (as in, you wouldn't be able to get the added powers/feats without it being given to you as 'you just learned a new power')
Maybe... with only 20 levels to work with. You can change which feats/powers/skills are given to you at which levels, but there is always that issue of saturation..

Is there any existing double/two handed animations for the Yoda frame?
Khrizby might have made a mod... I know there's the melee HK and the Darth Nihilus with the animations....

Are full head helmets possible?
Either make a helmet model big enough to cover the entire head (looks ridiculous sometimes), or you could create a separate helmet head, and create an item that has a disguise property that refers to an appearance.2da line with that new head.

Are capes possible on all sorts of armor/robes, or just the Revan skin?
I've been playing around with it. Theoretically, it is possible, but there's still that tedious task of actually modeling something with a cape.

Is it possible to spawn a swarm of unbeatable enemies (i.e, like the droids in the dantooine ruins: they die, and get back up), for the purpose of forcing a retreat?
Yep, sounds possible.

Can various species, faces, and darkside variants for each be moddled for each frame (i.e, Ewok, Lannik, Chadra-Fan, Utai, and Gand for the Yoda frame, Muun, Pau'an, and Abyssin, and famous faces for each)?
You want to animate all of those? Have fun. You would probably have better luck rigging them to work with the animation dummies that the main character uses.

Can the above frames be available for selection in character creation?

Does switching chracters (like the leviathan or droid warehouse) have any problems or complications when its done in a mod?
Switching back and forth between multiple characters within the same module (without reloading) seems to have some funky effects.

Would anyone bother with adding made-up back stories for characters (sion, most likely), and would making book/comic based plots be to hard?
No one usually, because where would we get even halfway decent voice over to compliment that?

Can the misty look in Davik's estate be done on other maps?
Yes, it's called Area Fog. Every module has it, it's just more apparent in some than others.

Other than that, I think JCarter and I should have a chat about modeling. Bring him up to speed on what is theoretically possible.

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