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Originally Posted by VarsityPuppet View Post
Switching back and forth between multiple characters within the same module (without reloading) seems to have some funky effects.
What funky effects? I haven't noticed any, at least in K2. Well, apart from the game crashing if the character is in your party. Or crashing for any other reason.
Other than that, I think JCarter and I should have a chat about modeling. Bring him up to speed on what is theoretically possible.
For the last time, I said no to one query regarding modeling, which was along the lines of "is it possible to create new characters from scratch?" And it isn't. All the other stuff I said is possible, just difficult and time consuming. Yeesh.

And no, no thanks. Hate 3ds Max. Kill it with fire!

I'm getting back to animating a Sith Interdictor in 3ds Max...

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