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Originally Posted by JCarter426 View Post
What funky effects? I haven't noticed any, at least in K2. Well, apart from the game crashing if the character is in your party. Or crashing for any other reason.
Crashing, and from when I've used it, there have been some weird things that happen with animation. I recall one time where Atton would simply NOT stay in combat animation mode. Would flourish his weapon and then just stand there, all stupid-like.

For the last time, I said no to one query regarding modeling, which was along the lines of "is it possible to create new characters from scratch?" And it isn't. All the other stuff I said is possible, just difficult and time consuming. Yeesh.
Yeah, but even still, that's theoretically possible. It now falls under the "extremely difficult and not really worth it" category.

Cool, have fun with animating.

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