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Hmmm...I seem to have caused a debate by accident...

Oh, well, on with it.
I want to make sure I was understood about the Yoda and Malak frames; I don't mean to take the heads and put them on the normal frams, but to make entirely new robes and armor for each frame. Example, if you selected one of the tall body characters in character creation, and equip the environmental bastion armor/sith battle suit, you will wear a larger version of that armor. Same for the Yoda frame, jsut very short.

As for animating the faces; yeah, sticking with the stuff that's already there would be a good place to start. It *might* end up looking a bit weird, more with the yoda frame than the malak, but oh well, so long as the animations work at all.

About the passive feats; does that mean that non-jedi classes can be given de facto powers? (e.g. like in my other suggestion (, I considered making some extra classes available, and someone stated that making new jedi classes was impossible. However, I did suggest a few powers that weren't related to the force at all. Could those be made as feats?)

I'll keep voice acting in mind, but for now I think I'll do a fanfic first, just to get the story together first and get some other stuff for the mod ready (like artwork, designs, and all the like. I've a few robes/helmets in mind, as well as a few sabers).

I want to thank everyone who has commented and replied here. It's been very helpful.
Also, I would like to suggest that the answers to some of these questions be put in a new, non editable thread, for the purpose of not having others ask these same questions over and over.

It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
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