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For support for JA Plus mod, go to the JA Plus mod forum on their website (or contact the author directly through his email in the readme).

You should be able to host with only the game, official patch from LucasArts/Raven Software and the unofficial dedicated server files (see LucasFiles).

If you just want to see what a server looks like, try mine ( You can also go to the Dedicated Server forum and read the old posts. Failing that, start your own thread over there and it should be working. I know that JKA works in Win7. Never tried hosting on my local Win7 machine, but I don't see why it wouldn't work...

You may need to reset the server for cheats to work after being enabled the first time, but if they are setup, then any cheat you can use offline (in multiplayer mode of course) should work. Just be warned that any player who has connected should be able to use them. Jedi Plus Mod may have its own "Rules." Again, this is a separate thing that not everyone is familiar with and the author may have tinkered with the defaults. So ask in the appropriate place from people who know. JPM used to be really popular, but I never really spent much time with it based on personal preference.


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