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"I barely know anyone, who isn't busy or mad at me. The Republic doesn't like to give out much information to... what did they call me.. an "outside contractor"."

Vlalkor thought for a moment. "I'm sure once this mission is over, Havoc squad could find you a posting somewhere. I might even be able to convince my CO to give you a posting in the squad if your interested."

"Do you have any hobbies?"

Vlalkor smiled as he looked over at his blaster rifle that was hanging from the wall. "One of my big hobbies is modifying weapons in any way that I can. I'm actually pretty good at it. You give me any type of energy weapon and I'm pretty sure I can make it better."

"Anyway, I really do think we should inform Vlalkor to land away from the spaceport, It will most likely save us alot of trouble, and time."

Zarev thought for a moment and nodded and headed for the bridge. He looked at Vlalkor. "We're going to try and avoid the spaceport just in case we have a welcoming commite waiting for us here. Try and find us somewhere else to land."

Vlalkor nodded. "Yes sir. We're about to come out of hypersapce as well."

Vlalkor grabbed the lever and the ship shuddered once as the ship dropped out of hyperspace above Balmorra.

"Stand by..." He told Light. As he took the ship closer in to Balmorra he began scanning the area for an area to land the ship at. After a few minutes he found one.

He activated the intercom. "Attention, we've arrived at Balmorra. As you may or may not know, Balmorra is currently the site of a battle between Republic and Imperial forces. Stay sharp out there and keep your head down once the shooting starts. We'll be landing in a few moments. That is all."

The ship shook slightly as Vlalkor brought it in for a landing and he could hear parts of it clickling slightly as the ship settled.

"Alright, everybody. We've landed."
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