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"I'm sure once this mission is over, Havoc squad could find you a posting somewhere. I might even be able to convince my CO to give you a posting in the squad if your interested."

"I hadn't heard of many Havoc Squad Jedi. Plus the problem with that would be chain of command. If I recieved an order that went against my morals, I probably wouldn't follow it."

Vlalkor smiled as he looked over at his blaster rifle that was hanging from the wall. "One of my big hobbies is modifying weapons in any way that I can. I'm actually pretty good at it. You give me any type of energy weapon and I'm pretty sure I can make it better."

"That include lightsabers?" Light queried, interested in this skill.

"Yes sir. We're about to come out of hypersapce as well."

Light waited, as this process was mostly controlled by the pilot. He pressed a few buttons which made the transition a little more smooth.

"Stand by..."
The ship shook slightly as Vlalkor brought it in for a landing and he could hear parts of it clickling slightly as the ship settled.

Light pressed several different buttons, mostly damage-preventive measures for the ship. "You know, some of these ships really need a co-pilot to land without taking damage? Especially away from a spaceport."

"Alright, everybody. We've landed."
Light sat back in his chair, silently pleased, he placed his hands behind his head.

"Zarev, what's the plan?"
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